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16 December 2007 @ 01:22 pm
ICFA General Conference Schedule and Information...  
The Conference Schedule:
The conference generally begins mid-day on Wednesday with a short opening ceremony followed by one slot of paper sessions. After this, there is time for dinner and then a welcome reception.

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are filled with paper sessions, panels, author readings, and other events. There are usually 5 slots for programming each day and about 5 or 6 tracks of programming running during each time slot. There is also programming in the evenings on Thursday and Friday.

Friday is also the Guest Scholar luncheon. The price of this is included in your registration. In addition to this, there is the Guest of Honor luncheon (Thursday) and the awards banquet (Saturday evening). Tickets for either of these last two events can be purchased with your registration or at the registration desk at the conference. While you do not have to participate in the luncheon and banquet, the meals provide keynote speeches and a chance to mingle with other people who share your research interests. There is a farewell reception immediately following the banquet.

People start arriving at the conference as early as Monday and Tuesday, and there are a number of people who stay until the following Monday. If you want to participate in all the programming, you will want to make sure that you are arriving in Lauderdale not much later than noon on Wednesday, and that you are leaving sometime on Sunday.

This year the ICFA is offering a day trip to Universal Studios on Sunday, March 23. 2008. Seating is limited and details can be found at www.iafa.org in the registration form.

Since I have received a number of proposals from graduate students who are first-time ICFA presenters, I figured I needed to post about two programs especially for graduate students.

Graduate Student Mentoring Program:

If you are a graduate student who is new to the conference, we have a mentoring program where you are matched up with a long-time conference attendee (hopefully with similar research interests) who can answer questions you might have before the conference and while you are there. The program can be very helpful, and there is an opening-night reception for participants in the program just before the welcome reception. Please contact me if you want more information on the program. I have been a mentor for the last two years, and it was a lot of fun. I have posted more information about this program at the CC Livejournal here: You can also read more about it at the IAFA website (www.iafa.org).

Graduate Student Award:
Each year, the conference gives an award and cash prize to the best paper submitted by a graduate student, and I would encourage those of you eligible to apply. I have posted more information about this award and application process at the CC Livejournal here: You can also read more about it at the IAFA website (www.iafa.org).

Other Administrivia:
You do not need to submit a completed paper to me in advance of the conference, although you do need to be ready to present during your scheduled session. If you are a first-time presenter, people will often do trial readings for timing and presentation before their sessions, so you can likely find someone who will listen to a trial run.

Also, please prepare a brief bio that your session chair can use to introduce you at your paper session. You do not want to have to be frantically scribbling one out just before the session is set to begin.

If anyone has any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.